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Eddie Miles - Salute To Music Legends

The Success Story of Eddie Miles and The All New Memories Theater


Eddie Miles, a renowned entertainer and a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, founded The Memories Theater in Pigeon Forge, TN in October 1990. The theater has had an impressive run, becoming the longest-running show in town. However, Memories recently closed its doors in 2019 after nearly 30 years. There were a few attempts to revive the theater, but they ultimately failed. Fortunately, The All New Memories Theater has reopened in its original location in October 2022.


When Eddie first started his show in 1990, it was called "A Salute to Elvis," which won him national acclaim. One of his most memorable performances was on 'Music City Tonite" with Crook and Chase in January 1994. The show was a massive hit, and the attendance skyrocketed. Unfortunately, Eddie had to leave Memories in August of '94 due to a back injury (ruptured herniated disc). After recovering, Eddie continued his successful career in show business.


Although Eddie still performs on a limited basis, his show, "A Salute to Music Legends," has gained popularity and is now being held in places like the Alabama Theater in Myrtle Beach. The show features a first-half tribute to country legends like Conway, Cash, Haggard, Jones, Orbison, and others, and the second half is dedicated to Elvis music, but without the jumpsuit costume.


After 33 years since the establishment of Memories Theater, Eddie is making a comeback with two concerts at The All New Memories Theater on Friday and Saturday, February 9th and 10th, 2024, for a Pigeon Forge Nostalgic Event.


Eddie has received high praise from those who knew Elvis, with JD Sumner and Ed Enoch of the Stamps Quartet stating, "Eddie is simply the best. Nobody does it better." Charlie Hodge also commented, "I have traveled far and wide, and Eddie is the closest to the looks and sound of Elvis that you will find." Lorianne Crook of Crook and Chase also praised Eddie's performance, saying, "Eddie mesmerizes his audiences the same way Elvis did."

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